piece #35. freezing winter nights need more candles

I had a plan for the next post related to the kids room update 2… but this plan changed thanks to a plate full of yum quiche. Yesterday we went to visit some friends, and didn’t leave home empty handed. Not at all – tummy full, laugh muscles exercised… and pockets full of candles.

These candles are handmade-homemade for the couple’s wedding earlier this year – by the bride – so pretty impressive. The simple but beautiful glass jar candles grouped together look simply stunning. So I came back home eager to display them, starting with the most obvious place – the mantelpiece.

By the way, Turku, for the lovely Turku city, is just something I’m drafting at the moment…

IMG_5797 IMG_5799 IMG_5800 IMG_5804

Finally, tonight I have to be grateful for another year I get to spend with my lovely family and friends. Kiitos teille!
The pancake fest, thanks to my lettupannu, was perfect way to mark this next year!

lettupino sweets