piece #30. Winter moods

Apologies. The winter mood have taken a toll on energy levels, and blogging been on a side for a while. I simply had to cut time out somewhere – but on the same note I’m happy to be back!

So what’s been happening. Firstly

IMG_5557  IMG_5560

Obviously, candles are placed elsewhere when they’re in use 😉

Other project has been “Hide the keyboard”. This keyboard has been dilemma for a (long) while. I wanted to keep in handy in the lounge – but not necessarily visible all the time and taking the whole surface space. So I bought some organizing shelves for the kitchen cupboard. This set-up is bit raw, but on the way there.

IMG_5563  loungemay2015bloungemay2015

Finally, this year I also wanted to use the idea I saw long time ago at this wonderful blog called ‘kolmentähdenkoti’


A jar for matches – let the pictures explain why this is so clever!

IMG_5541 IMG_5542 IMG_5543   IMG_5559IMG_5546 IMG_5548

Stay warm next couple of months (and happy summer on the northern hemisphere!) – the view with snow top mountains makes it all worth it ❤