Kids room

piece #36. Kids room update Part II

Besides the update of curtains, a major step has happened in the room (life!) when the youngest one got her own bed. Bye bye cot, truly no longer a baby living in this room. Sigh.

We were lucky to have a family friend donating a surplus bede. However this bed requires a bit of TLC/paint so a temporary solution was urgently required. A mattress on a floor, simply, was out of the question due to cold time of the year and the floor level being bit too drafty.

So on a quiet Sunday afternoon spend at cafe with my drawing pad, cappuccino and magazines (complimentary for the customers) got me on a problem solving mode:

  • we do we have a mattress from the cot and
  • we just need the base.
  • what to use to build this base?

And funnily enough, as I think good things in life goes, two wooden drawers from the other single bed, and the base of the cot clicked perfectly together to create solid basis far enough from the ground – and more important, wee miss finds this bed very special and comfortable – her first new “real bed”. Welcome to the big kids world 😀

So here is how we made the base from two solid wooden boxes topped up with the base from the cot. This creation came about 20cm of the floor, so not too high for the little one get in and out of the bed by herself.

20150704_182312 20150704_183001

The little habitant is very happy, and right next to it, is a special place for the dolls.

The doll’s cot was found from the 2nd hand stall at the market place. All it needed was clean and paint.