piece #37. The laundry unloved

I have read some blog posts, in the axis between Finland and NZ, about unloved laundries. The space in the house that can be forgotten in a visual matter and where the practicality rules in order to claw through those never ending piles of washing piles — and then close the door behind and forget all about it. So, an unloved place, forgotten space or inspiration potential?  Even better, these posts tackling the unloved, often state that if you put more effort to how your laundry looks, dealing with the dirty washing doesn’t feel like such a chore anymore other. Yeah, inspiring indeed: anything pretty that would reduce housework chaos… hmmm am I only one who thinks this may sound bit too good to be true 😉

Anyway, i did get inspired to consider “our forgotten beauty” in new eyes, and yes, i guess it is bit tired looking.


In a rental house it not much you can change structurally or color schemes, hence not much we can do there so long story short. The current situation…

  • the window seal is cluttered with a jar full of laundry boys (=pegs), a “home” clock (which needs fixing), a contained for laundry powder and some fresh greens from the garden.IMG_5860
  • On far left, locates the laundry basket (which is hideous, old one and hidden from these pics) belongs under the microwave in an open shelf. This self was a diy masterclass: a drawer turned first into a bookshelf and then into a laundry self by sawing it into two pieces and resized to fit in the space between the wall and the washing machine. Not 100% pretty but serves the purpose. Top of the microwave is basket (that in my first instinct i was gonna hide it too but then decided not to hide the reality) where I chuck clothes that need ironing, fixing or which are too small. This way the remain all in one place waiting for the next step (…and why to hide it as clearly, it is way prettier than the micro wave lol).
  • in the middle is the washing machine, here under the handy cane basket, leaving enough space to slide the ironing board in.
  • Far right locates the laundry tub.
  • Wall on the otherside provides built cupboard space from floor to ceiling, not shown here as it is a static piece of laundry elements.

So pretty concise – but honestly, quite great space in practical terms with plenty of storage, and you can close the door behind and walk away…. 🙂

details15And then what could be done…

  • We negotiated with the owners that we could put a floating self on the wall, which they agreed with. However, as sometimes the projects can take longer to implement, the temporary solution has been handy. The trestle has found its way here from the bedroom. You can hang the odd pieces on it, which serves greatly the purpose I wanted it for….place to hang some coat hangers waiting for the clean clothes saving the double handling from the washing line to the wardrobe.

IMG_5861 IMG_5863

  • And what else am I thinking… maybe just simple things, as I said, overall it’s a great wee space, These include repainting the self on the left (under the microwave) leaning towards dark grey, finding a nicer laundry basket, maybe use some of the spare glass containers for the washing powder (seen these in some other blogs looks great), and maybe some art on the wall… or inspiring text to do some washing 😉 The hook is ready! ….and fix that clock to show the correct time 😉