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#39. Magic time of the year

Chocolate Calendar vol 2015

Last year (piece #18) I couldn’t quite get inspired for great attempts of advent calendars – lesson learned and this year I was prepared early (and finally finished at midnight 30th November). I wrapped the toilet paper rolls (cut in half) which include a small surprise each. The wrapping paper was hand-picked by the “owners” of the calendar – although I intervened the color jungle with white on the odd-days. Kids love asking “Is it a pink-green day or a white day today?” which also simplifies their task to find numbers. The numbers were quickly applied by a marker pen, which I admit doesn’t look as nice as the fancy stickers etc. Finally, no I didn’t draw on the wall – I used washi tape as it should not leave any marks. This, however, was not quite strong enough so when they drop on the floor I have added some blue tack with the tape. Today, the calendar is already up to number 13.


Greeting cards holder vol 2015

Anyone remembers this, HJ?? 🙂 Well, the mesh (piece #14) has finally found it place. Painted in white, it became a perfect place for displaying old fashioned Christmas greetings – which I truly treasure. (The stars for protecting privacy…).


Christmas tree vol 2015

This is a Nordic Spruce, inspired by a friend, as don’t really get excited of the looks of “real” Christmas trees over here. Unfortunately, the new family member didn’t like very much the 1h wait in the car between the hardware shop-coffee visit-home when it was one of the hottest summer days. Poor Nordic Spruce on the Southern Hemisphere. Any comments for recovery?

The tree will be inside for the Christmas period before going outside. (I hid a plastic ice cream container under the stand to catch any possible watering over flows – part of the full carpet floor prevention)

Baking and more on to Christmas will be happening – going to make most out of the favourite time of the year!

Merry Christmas 2015  – Ihanaa Joulua 2015 – vuoden parasta aikaa, myos keskellä vähälumista kesää!