piece #38. Back on track


It’s been a bit of a silence but now it’s time to wrap the year of 2015. It’s been a good one.

Topic of today’s post is “back on track” and reaching one deadline before summer is gone. Quite appropriately, this was the summer outside dining spot.

Long time I have wanted to build an outdoor pallet-sofa from, this year I (we) finally did it. What started as a full sofa project simplified on a day.  That is, 2 X 2 pallets piled up with a seating on top (= a mattress). I can’t even bother to build the back for the sofas as it works perfectly, for us, just like that. The old rugs – too scruffy for inside  – got perfect second hand life outdoors and it provides a nice hard-wearing cover for the sofa/day-bed. The trestle, loose item floating around the garden, became a perfect backdrop (bottom supported by some wood work) and place for the lights. Lights were saved from the kids room where they have been turned on only once! So much better use here

So overall, we are ready for the summer – simple in project wise, but sometimes simple proves enough – mostly using the existing items in better way.

To-Do-List includes putting the pop sun shade back up (stored over the winter period), and thinking any use those left over pellets (pile on the background) since there was a change in plans building the full sofa, and time shows, if the back drop would get modified too but first – to sit down have a quiet drink in a summer evening with the lights turned on.


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