piece #33. Kids room update. Part I

Ninja Turtles, Peppa Pig, Muumit (Moomins), Spider man, cars, dolls, puzzles… = colours colours colours and more colours. That what’s kids room is all about – a place to explore and create, but also to sleep. So in order to offer a bit calmer surroundings for the juniors, some of the colour jumble had to disappear. As reducing the colour spectrum generated by the toys would come with major objections, and 2 vs. 1 really is democracy, I decided to focus on something else – the curtains, the dark blue stripy ones.

New thermal curtains, however, are not the cheapest investment. So, an encouraging (or polite?) smile from the fabric store lady sent me home whistling with my master plan – and 2 x 2 meters sets of material.


This master plan was “a white-out” by the means of covering the existing thermal back curtains for a) to lighten and calm the room, b) to save money and c) to ensure these can be removed from the curtains that belong to the house. Yup, in NZ rental homes the curtains commonly come with the house, and yup, you just have to live with them or invest….
So there I tackled (in the most ergonomically uncomfortable position but oh so toasty-warm spot in a chair by the heat pump) the challenge….

So here the before (bit of a colour over-load, you think!?) and after, to be followed as one more curtain to be finished… just don’t look too close 😉



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