piece #32. This apple didn’t fall far from the tree

Idea for this piece came from the Minä, Isä (Me, Dad) blog – a friend’s clever writing about something other than my typical point of interests: floors, shelves, flowers, exposed brick walls….and sofa jealousy. Author of the Minä, Isä posted an entertaining (typical to him) illustration of the world from their little boy’s viewpoint: http://minaisa.blogspot.fi/2014/04/maailma-meidan-pienen-silmin-osa-i.html
Another perspective for the everyday-life.

My post #32, on the other hand, is highly (solely) thanks to our little one. All unintended. Mummy’s (prejudiced) opinion of 3y old using the camera, “he is too young to know how“, quickly changed when I went through the pictures been taken. Interiors and interesting spots of our home took another angle, the child’s one. Proud (and proudly biased) mummy’s words – I think he’s got an eye for this. Note the copyrights for the following pictures, naturally, belongs to the 3Y old. Respect, please 😉


IMG_5643 M4CblogIMG_5652_M4Cblog




Point of interest…

IMG_5584_My4CblogIMG_5587_My4Cblog IMG_5633_M4Cblog IMG_5636_M4Cblog

..and the proud mummy’s favourite….




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