piece #31. Cleaning in the candle light

Discussion in our kitchen last night

– “Honey, what do you think if I take out one of the kitchen cupboard doors”

– ” ? ” (look on his face)

– “well, you didn’t say no, thanks!”

– “umm…” he said finally 🙂

Open display shelves in the kitchen have always appealed to me, in moderation and providing enjoyment of beatiful and/or treasured pieces. Living in rental however keeps you limited what can be done. But taking out few screws and removing a door (and storing it properly) wont hurt.


So what do reckon – before vs after. I’m still on process what to put on the open shelves to display so apologies about the roughness. I was just too eager to do this post. I’m thinking less items and simple array of colours, maybe with cool storage boxes on the top shelves for the rarely used items. Maybe need to look through some magazines, while sipping a cappuccino mmmmm…



So this was my Saturday night entertainment – yup this was entertainment, plus some cleaning in the candle night music playing on the background 🙂

cleaningcandlelight_m4cb IMG_5617 IMG_5637


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