Month: April 2015

piece #29. Hunting for a flower vase.

This has been my life since leaving the childhood home as buying a flower vase has never really been on my shopping list. Over the years I have opted out some miscellaneous creative solutions to display the odd flowers, such as coffee cups, empty bottles… or pots and pans. Few years ago I invested in two basic vases. $1 from op shop and $10 from gift shop clearance sale. Just in case.

The last year, inspired by great blogs I follow, I have started to bring more and more flowers in the house – cut fresh ones from the garden or buy a pay-day bunch. So here I am again. Looking for my vases.

IMG_2968 IMG_4877IMG_4041 IMG_4042 roses_in_jar IMG_5445IMG_5447 IMG_5451