piece #20. 2015 editions: Kids corner.

New Year promises. The first post is about the kids corner as it was time to reduce the toy chaos in the living areas.


Kids toy selves (= toy chaos) got moved into their room, where we took another self to the lounge used for magazines, books and display few family photos. Only one toy box and some Duplo/Lego remained their place in the lounge.

The lounge also includes kids reading corner (post….), which has proved a great for us for reading and quiet times. However, kids seemed to kind of forget this and started to use it as a (another) jumping platform. Therefore, I wanted to add some excitement of the dedicated reading space. A tent. As inspired by pictures from multiple blogs, magazines and online shops. The first, temporary, solution was made out of playpen and a duvet cover.

IMG_4663 IMG_4669 IMG_4664

I liked this solution alot (and may utilise the idea later). However, the (unplanned) visit in Cotton On Kids provided a tent for now.

IMG_4720 IMG_4721

I like this one too 🙂

Then.. the snowball effect was just waiting to be happened. The reading corner used to have a pallet underneath the mattress. However, in order to avoid ripping the tent I removed this and it found a place behind the kids table.

IMG_4726 IMG_4723

This provides a perfect little self to store the art supplies while table is used for eating.

IMG_4620 IMG_4619 IMG_4616 IMG_4613

Thus #piece 20 provides a start for a good year.



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