piece #18. 24 chocolates to go.

Here it is, my attempted Christmas post: the advent calendar.


I do envy those who have the time and energy to do amazing diy Christmas calendars with contents ranging from little treats to 24 activities for each day in the Christmas countdown. Not me, not this year. We have chocolate calendars from a shop: children’s Transformers and a special gift for ME from home  – the Moomins!

I was not going to hide these but display them with a pride. So with my time and energy levels I made some Christmas countdown bunting to go along.


The rustic finish is thanks to my paint marker pen where I the old ways proven to be better than bag of new tricks – I ended up to open the pen and get the paint on a brush rather than using the pen. Youtube has instructions how to use the paint marker, but not what to do when this doesn’t work? A friend suggested to open any blockages with a small needle. Any other tips would be welcome too 🙂 I think there is still little paint left for more attempts…


And for all those who think chocolate calendar isn’t the ideal option. I look at this in a way that it would teach the kids (and adults) patience and moderation with treats in a fun way. My son learned this very well – after finding him to finishing about 7 chocolates in theday 8 – he has to now face some empty doors upcoming.  I wonder if I did any better when I was 3Y – probably not 😉

 Piece #18 with 14 chocolates to go




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