Piece #15. Updating bedroom

Renting houses always put limits as you can’t just paint a wall or put the nail on it when the inspiration strikes. For a while I have been thinking how to upgrade the bedroom – with these limits and the budget as my strain. The main objective was the bed, or more so the bed head.

But I don’t like bed heads, at least not the standard ones. So I searched the internet and found this awesome plywood bedhead that was oversized and basically became a wall behind the bed. Oversized…mmm… problematic as the delivery from the hardware store for a cheap piece of this size of plywood multiplies the costs quickly. So I dropped this plan.

The next internet found was a window frame (without glass) type bed head where one can hang pretty things on. This would require some skirting board, wood glue, nails and… time. Time …. Mmmm…. problematic as this seems to be a scarce resource. So I dropped this plan too.

Then, thank you circulars!!!! Who would thought a garden trellis would be the perfect fix for the problem. Not me – not before the 50% off sign on a circulars anyway. The loss of money would not be astronomical so why not to try. And I’m so happy I tried or what do you think?

IMG_3982 IMG_4004

Piece #15. Easy – checked, Affordable – checked, Pretty – checked



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