piece #14. Brainstorming

One sunny afternoon while doing some gardening I found this mesh leaning against the garage wall. Instantly I knew I wanted to do something with this.



But what? I have to admit my mind was pretty empty with only two ideas. One, it could be awesome wall-photo-holder and two, no thanks, I don’t want another


Inspiration, where are you? Well sometimes the answer is simply that the inspiration is where your best friend is. Here what my friend, HJ, came up with

 1) Hang it from the ceiling to display your coffee mugs. I like where this is going, however, we have already place the cups



but this didn’t stop her inspiration:

2) on a kitchen wall to place your herbs (in cups) there. Paint them with left over chalkboard paint and you can label them

3) on laundry wall hanging coat hangers and other utilities.

4) note board on the wall

5) calender ….  place plywood behind and paint that with chalkboard paint. – and voila there is your calendar for each month!

The interesting question then becomes – Piece #14: what it is going to be?

  • I’m leaning toward 3 or 5 – 3 is in urgent need and while 5 sounds awesome I’m wondering would I really use the calendar?
  • What do you think, HJ?



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