Month: November 2014

piece #16. Chair update.

As described in post #2, we have this set of table and chairs where colours of the chairs tend to change. From the starting point of mint green, my first intention was to paint themĀ  black. However, first I ended up have some fun with leftover paints. Result was two peach colour, one white and one chair left mint. My son wasn’t too keen mummy painting his favorite (the mint green) white as well. Today he is happy again, one of the chairs is blue – his new favorite. So this is where I was at the last time….

teksti 2

Although I do like mixing the colours (and types) of chairs around the dining table, in this particular room I found it bit restless. It may rather require a very plain pallet surrounding it in the room like white walls, white ceiling, white table, white floor… oh yep – in that setting you would need a colourful chair in order to see where to sit on!?

Anyway.. Today the compromise has been reached (for a while) by painting the frame white and only the seat as different colours. This is actually quite effective, or entertaining solution in the dinner time in household with 3 and a 1 year old – who gets to sit on which colour chair each day?

IMG_3875 IMG_3876

Piece #16 is, therefore, what I once stated, full of diy re-trials.