Piece #8. The Table – office corner follow-up

Awkward spaces – that was the story behind this Table (post #7) – awkward in terms that no standard piece of furniture would fit in it. Too long, too short, too deep, too … something….Nothing new under the sun. So the only solution was really diy, once again.

IMG_2972 sepia

The first attempt was to build table out of the old fence posts. This, however, turn out to be a rather bend table as the wood had taken its toll in outdoors use with wind, rain, sun….moving ground. Buying new wood, as a second option, would have come with a quite price tag.

So thanks to a friend’s *lightbulb* moment – I got introduced to Musgroves (http://www.musgroves.co.nz/) where I bought an old door. What really made this door perfect was the fit – it needed no cutting at all as it fitted the awkward space precisely. I painted it white  in order to bring the light in the room. The legs were a $1 find from the online auction – also believe it or not – being the perfect height for the cupboard underneath.


IMG_3761 IMG_3758 IMG_3756


piece #7 is recycling in its best – second changes for unwanted pieces.





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