Month: August 2014

Piece #5 industrial style meets grandma

Industrial style in its “roughness” can really add to the interiors – but I like some warmth and cozyness for balance. The grandma style, on the other hand, has definitely the warmth.

Of industrial style, I really like those raw metal shelves with colourful drawers – the “drops of color” I like (piece #1)

So what happened to the grandma’s drawers? (that of note, had no sentimental ties attached to). They were ready to go through the transformation. Painting that first drawer with blue was super-exciting… where would you ever use blue paint I was wondering?? The white paint on the frame provided the contrast.

piece5 2 piece5 3

The question remains? How to paint the rest.. I want to leave some drawers unpainted, some maybe red? yellow? black? green? and the order – that can be changed just by pulling drawers out and re-ordering – thus piece #5 itself is having some missing pieces.