#39. Magic time of the year

Chocolate Calendar vol 2015

Last year (piece #18) I couldn’t quite get inspired for great attempts of advent calendars – lesson learned and this year I was prepared early (and finally finished at midnight 30th November). I wrapped the toilet paper rolls (cut in half) which include a small surprise each. The wrapping paper was hand-picked by the “owners” of the calendar – although I intervened the color jungle with white on the odd-days. Kids love asking “Is it a pink-green day or a white day today?” which also simplifies their task to find numbers. The numbers were quickly applied by a marker pen, which I admit doesn’t look as nice as the fancy stickers etc. Finally, no I didn’t draw on the wall – I used washi tape as it should not leave any marks. This, however, was not quite strong enough so when they drop on the floor I have added some blue tack with the tape. Today, the calendar is already up to number 13.


Greeting cards holder vol 2015

Anyone remembers this, HJ?? 🙂 Well, the mesh (piece #14) has finally found it place. Painted in white, it became a perfect place for displaying old fashioned Christmas greetings – which I truly treasure. (The stars for protecting privacy…).


Christmas tree vol 2015

This is a Nordic Spruce, inspired by a friend, as don’t really get excited of the looks of “real” Christmas trees over here. Unfortunately, the new family member didn’t like very much the 1h wait in the car between the hardware shop-coffee visit-home when it was one of the hottest summer days. Poor Nordic Spruce on the Southern Hemisphere. Any comments for recovery?

The tree will be inside for the Christmas period before going outside. (I hid a plastic ice cream container under the stand to catch any possible watering over flows – part of the full carpet floor prevention)

Baking and more on to Christmas will be happening – going to make most out of the favourite time of the year!

Merry Christmas 2015  – Ihanaa Joulua 2015 – vuoden parasta aikaa, myos keskellä vähälumista kesää!


piece #38. Back on track


It’s been a bit of a silence but now it’s time to wrap the year of 2015. It’s been a good one.

Topic of today’s post is “back on track” and reaching one deadline before summer is gone. Quite appropriately, this was the summer outside dining spot.

Long time I have wanted to build an outdoor pallet-sofa from, this year I (we) finally did it. What started as a full sofa project simplified on a day.  That is, 2 X 2 pallets piled up with a seating on top (= a mattress). I can’t even bother to build the back for the sofas as it works perfectly, for us, just like that. The old rugs – too scruffy for inside  – got perfect second hand life outdoors and it provides a nice hard-wearing cover for the sofa/day-bed. The trestle, loose item floating around the garden, became a perfect backdrop (bottom supported by some wood work) and place for the lights. Lights were saved from the kids room where they have been turned on only once! So much better use here

So overall, we are ready for the summer – simple in project wise, but sometimes simple proves enough – mostly using the existing items in better way.

To-Do-List includes putting the pop sun shade back up (stored over the winter period), and thinking any use those left over pellets (pile on the background) since there was a change in plans building the full sofa, and time shows, if the back drop would get modified too but first – to sit down have a quiet drink in a summer evening with the lights turned on.

piece #37. The laundry unloved

I have read some blog posts, in the axis between Finland and NZ, about unloved laundries. The space in the house that can be forgotten in a visual matter and where the practicality rules in order to claw through those never ending piles of washing piles — and then close the door behind and forget all about it. So, an unloved place, forgotten space or inspiration potential?  Even better, these posts tackling the unloved, often state that if you put more effort to how your laundry looks, dealing with the dirty washing doesn’t feel like such a chore anymore other. Yeah, inspiring indeed: anything pretty that would reduce housework chaos… hmmm am I only one who thinks this may sound bit too good to be true 😉

Anyway, i did get inspired to consider “our forgotten beauty” in new eyes, and yes, i guess it is bit tired looking.


In a rental house it not much you can change structurally or color schemes, hence not much we can do there so long story short. The current situation…

  • the window seal is cluttered with a jar full of laundry boys (=pegs), a “home” clock (which needs fixing), a contained for laundry powder and some fresh greens from the garden.IMG_5860
  • On far left, locates the laundry basket (which is hideous, old one and hidden from these pics) belongs under the microwave in an open shelf. This self was a diy masterclass: a drawer turned first into a bookshelf and then into a laundry self by sawing it into two pieces and resized to fit in the space between the wall and the washing machine. Not 100% pretty but serves the purpose. Top of the microwave is basket (that in my first instinct i was gonna hide it too but then decided not to hide the reality) where I chuck clothes that need ironing, fixing or which are too small. This way the remain all in one place waiting for the next step (…and why to hide it as clearly, it is way prettier than the micro wave lol).
  • in the middle is the washing machine, here under the handy cane basket, leaving enough space to slide the ironing board in.
  • Far right locates the laundry tub.
  • Wall on the otherside provides built cupboard space from floor to ceiling, not shown here as it is a static piece of laundry elements.

So pretty concise – but honestly, quite great space in practical terms with plenty of storage, and you can close the door behind and walk away…. 🙂

details15And then what could be done…

  • We negotiated with the owners that we could put a floating self on the wall, which they agreed with. However, as sometimes the projects can take longer to implement, the temporary solution has been handy. The trestle has found its way here from the bedroom. You can hang the odd pieces on it, which serves greatly the purpose I wanted it for….place to hang some coat hangers waiting for the clean clothes saving the double handling from the washing line to the wardrobe.

IMG_5861 IMG_5863

  • And what else am I thinking… maybe just simple things, as I said, overall it’s a great wee space, These include repainting the self on the left (under the microwave) leaning towards dark grey, finding a nicer laundry basket, maybe use some of the spare glass containers for the washing powder (seen these in some other blogs looks great), and maybe some art on the wall… or inspiring text to do some washing 😉 The hook is ready! ….and fix that clock to show the correct time 😉

piece #36. Kids room update Part II

Besides the update of curtains, a major step has happened in the room (life!) when the youngest one got her own bed. Bye bye cot, truly no longer a baby living in this room. Sigh.

We were lucky to have a family friend donating a surplus bede. However this bed requires a bit of TLC/paint so a temporary solution was urgently required. A mattress on a floor, simply, was out of the question due to cold time of the year and the floor level being bit too drafty.

So on a quiet Sunday afternoon spend at cafe with my drawing pad, cappuccino and magazines (complimentary for the customers) got me on a problem solving mode:

  • we do we have a mattress from the cot and
  • we just need the base.
  • what to use to build this base?

And funnily enough, as I think good things in life goes, two wooden drawers from the other single bed, and the base of the cot clicked perfectly together to create solid basis far enough from the ground – and more important, wee miss finds this bed very special and comfortable – her first new “real bed”. Welcome to the big kids world 😀

So here is how we made the base from two solid wooden boxes topped up with the base from the cot. This creation came about 20cm of the floor, so not too high for the little one get in and out of the bed by herself.

20150704_182312 20150704_183001

The little habitant is very happy, and right next to it, is a special place for the dolls.

The doll’s cot was found from the 2nd hand stall at the market place. All it needed was clean and paint.


piece #35. freezing winter nights need more candles

I had a plan for the next post related to the kids room update 2… but this plan changed thanks to a plate full of yum quiche. Yesterday we went to visit some friends, and didn’t leave home empty handed. Not at all – tummy full, laugh muscles exercised… and pockets full of candles.

These candles are handmade-homemade for the couple’s wedding earlier this year – by the bride – so pretty impressive. The simple but beautiful glass jar candles grouped together look simply stunning. So I came back home eager to display them, starting with the most obvious place – the mantelpiece.

By the way, Turku, for the lovely Turku city, is just something I’m drafting at the moment…

IMG_5797 IMG_5799 IMG_5800 IMG_5804

Finally, tonight I have to be grateful for another year I get to spend with my lovely family and friends. Kiitos teille!
The pancake fest, thanks to my lettupannu, was perfect way to mark this next year!

lettupino sweets

piece #33. Kids room update. Part I

Ninja Turtles, Peppa Pig, Muumit (Moomins), Spider man, cars, dolls, puzzles… = colours colours colours and more colours. That what’s kids room is all about – a place to explore and create, but also to sleep. So in order to offer a bit calmer surroundings for the juniors, some of the colour jumble had to disappear. As reducing the colour spectrum generated by the toys would come with major objections, and 2 vs. 1 really is democracy, I decided to focus on something else – the curtains, the dark blue stripy ones.

New thermal curtains, however, are not the cheapest investment. So, an encouraging (or polite?) smile from the fabric store lady sent me home whistling with my master plan – and 2 x 2 meters sets of material.


This master plan was “a white-out” by the means of covering the existing thermal back curtains for a) to lighten and calm the room, b) to save money and c) to ensure these can be removed from the curtains that belong to the house. Yup, in NZ rental homes the curtains commonly come with the house, and yup, you just have to live with them or invest….
So there I tackled (in the most ergonomically uncomfortable position but oh so toasty-warm spot in a chair by the heat pump) the challenge….

So here the before (bit of a colour over-load, you think!?) and after, to be followed as one more curtain to be finished… just don’t look too close 😉


piece #32. This apple didn’t fall far from the tree

Idea for this piece came from the Minä, Isä (Me, Dad) blog – a friend’s clever writing about something other than my typical point of interests: floors, shelves, flowers, exposed brick walls….and sofa jealousy. Author of the Minä, Isä posted an entertaining (typical to him) illustration of the world from their little boy’s viewpoint: http://minaisa.blogspot.fi/2014/04/maailma-meidan-pienen-silmin-osa-i.html
Another perspective for the everyday-life.

My post #32, on the other hand, is highly (solely) thanks to our little one. All unintended. Mummy’s (prejudiced) opinion of 3y old using the camera, “he is too young to know how“, quickly changed when I went through the pictures been taken. Interiors and interesting spots of our home took another angle, the child’s one. Proud (and proudly biased) mummy’s words – I think he’s got an eye for this. Note the copyrights for the following pictures, naturally, belongs to the 3Y old. Respect, please 😉


IMG_5643 M4CblogIMG_5652_M4Cblog




Point of interest…

IMG_5584_My4CblogIMG_5587_My4Cblog IMG_5633_M4Cblog IMG_5636_M4Cblog

..and the proud mummy’s favourite….


piece #31. Cleaning in the candle light

Discussion in our kitchen last night

– “Honey, what do you think if I take out one of the kitchen cupboard doors”

– ” ? ” (look on his face)

– “well, you didn’t say no, thanks!”

– “umm…” he said finally 🙂

Open display shelves in the kitchen have always appealed to me, in moderation and providing enjoyment of beatiful and/or treasured pieces. Living in rental however keeps you limited what can be done. But taking out few screws and removing a door (and storing it properly) wont hurt.


So what do reckon – before vs after. I’m still on process what to put on the open shelves to display so apologies about the roughness. I was just too eager to do this post. I’m thinking less items and simple array of colours, maybe with cool storage boxes on the top shelves for the rarely used items. Maybe need to look through some magazines, while sipping a cappuccino mmmmm…



So this was my Saturday night entertainment – yup this was entertainment, plus some cleaning in the candle night music playing on the background 🙂

cleaningcandlelight_m4cb IMG_5617 IMG_5637

piece #30. Winter moods

Apologies. The winter mood have taken a toll on energy levels, and blogging been on a side for a while. I simply had to cut time out somewhere – but on the same note I’m happy to be back!

So what’s been happening. Firstly

IMG_5557  IMG_5560

Obviously, candles are placed elsewhere when they’re in use 😉

Other project has been “Hide the keyboard”. This keyboard has been dilemma for a (long) while. I wanted to keep in handy in the lounge – but not necessarily visible all the time and taking the whole surface space. So I bought some organizing shelves for the kitchen cupboard. This set-up is bit raw, but on the way there.

IMG_5563  loungemay2015bloungemay2015

Finally, this year I also wanted to use the idea I saw long time ago at this wonderful blog called ‘kolmentähdenkoti’


A jar for matches – let the pictures explain why this is so clever!

IMG_5541 IMG_5542 IMG_5543   IMG_5559IMG_5546 IMG_5548

Stay warm next couple of months (and happy summer on the northern hemisphere!) – the view with snow top mountains makes it all worth it ❤

piece #27. Enjoying the last of the summer

While the people in the Northern Hemisphere are getting excited of the increasing amount of daylight and approaching spring – for us here, it means autumn. Therefore, I’m enjoying the last of this awesome summer weather.

During the summer, the bed has been placed under the window (which is not possible on those below zero winter nights). It’s just lovely to wake up peeking the view, while on the plus side changing the layout seems to magnify the room size (*dreaming of a giant bedroom*).

IMG_5374 IMG_5373

Final point in the summer life is the care free bedding, with the dots. #27 ends.


piece #25. more flower pots/ uudet kukkakupit

Diy – as fun it can be can be frustrating too… The ideas keep piling up together with a need better practices and an aspire of beauty. However, this doesn’t mean always that the time, materials and/or motivation follow when the circus of dinner-bath-bed, dishes&laundry (and oh those tv-soaps, can I lie???) take a toll. But sometimes, the motivation does come lurking around.

Please note this isn’t my original idea but can’t remember the website I saw it on. Maybe you can find in the Google search. However, the idea did stuck in my memory. 🙂

What was needed…

  • 2 empty plastic bottles,
  • a marker,
  • scissors,
  • a hole puncher
  • yarn,
  • two wee cuties (plants).

Note when choosing the bottles, unexpectedly, I had two with horizontal lines which made the cutting process very easy – straight lines at the same height!

IMG_5346 IMG_5350

ok not quite finished – a little paint would do good on the top .. well another day 😉

piece 25. Two recycled flower pots


piece #24. Spice colour inventory

Inspired by the house magazine’s January numbers – “organise”, “sort”, “simplify”, “declutter” – and shocked by the spice rack led to me to my next declutter/organise task

IMG_4900 IMG_4901

This is actually something I planned to do for while but took a while to find the right type of bags (ones with the “square bottoms”).

IMG_4908spice detail

I did end up to leave the spices in their bags to ensure sealed product and freshness. So piece #24 is about another small manageable task that makes decluttering effective… and kind of fun 🙂



piece #23. Things I <3

The project of 2015 – declutter and organise – also incorporates thinking which interior pieces I love and wont be targeted. Here first 5, in no particular order

#1. The City Scape from Rekindle http://www.rekindle.org.nz/collections/small-things/products/city-scape and the full story http://www.rekindle.org.nz


##2. The sewing table. This resembles the table from my childhood home. Not a Singer but a pretty piece still, which accommodates Grandma’s typewriter.

IMG_4890 IMG_4888IMG_4893

###3. Something classic – Something Muumi from Iittala. How suprising. The home country classics enjoy the whole other level of classicism when the distance increases…(and when the availability decreases…)


####4. The photo wall, the memories that matter

IMG_2972 colourphoto_framed

#####5. The Crates which have followed from our first flat together. They are so handy, easily movable providing temporary seating, hiding a stain on the rug, a self, a place for the cuppa.

So all together, #piece 23 = the pieces that will survive the heroic declutter!


piece #22. Bathroom sneak peak

Renting a house means you can’t do much for the existing interior but just dress it up. I’m very pleased most of things of our bathroom – for example the light grey white colour scheme works well.



So what we’ve added – not much really – with two under 4s is nice to have this space mainly serving its functions: Make up in a glass box, away from the little explorers; toothbrashes in the personalised baby food jars; the black bunting totally without any other reason apart from me really liking bunting; and a yellow upcycled stool which provides space for this and that…and serves the pop of colour function.

IMG_4855 IMG_4861



and what would I add? well, I have been looking (very very inactively) a nice soap dispenser but not quite find that one yet. Not even sure what “that one” would look like? So piece #22. is about the pop of colour amongst grey and white



piece #21. 2015 editions: Kitchen.

New Year promises. Organise and declutter for one simple reason – make the everyday life more manageable. The first post was about toys in the lounge. This second post is about kitchen.

Part of the declutter is Focus and Stick With It. Thus, one of my 2015 focuses is on keeping 3 certain parts of kitchen decluttered and tidy. The first and MANAGEABLE step in a busy household. This is what decluttering tips (you’ll find these all over now) tell you.

IMG_4772 IMG_4776

Another add to kitchen was the Moomins. These also remind me of people who gave them to me. The first set of Moomins keep eye on that I stick with the clean decluttered surfaces. Joulumuumit (Christmas Moomins) got their place on a wall (like real coffee mugs) by utilising a drawer/door handle as I wasn’t quite ready to pack them away. However, this is a work in process as the blue tack doesn’t hold too long (in a quiet house, a sudden drop of three little cups can make your heart really jump …)


#piece 21. Some easy ideas for kitchen and decluttering….. now just need to stick with it 😉


piece #20. 2015 editions: Kids corner.

New Year promises. The first post is about the kids corner as it was time to reduce the toy chaos in the living areas.


Kids toy selves (= toy chaos) got moved into their room, where we took another self to the lounge used for magazines, books and display few family photos. Only one toy box and some Duplo/Lego remained their place in the lounge.

The lounge also includes kids reading corner (post….), which has proved a great for us for reading and quiet times. However, kids seemed to kind of forget this and started to use it as a (another) jumping platform. Therefore, I wanted to add some excitement of the dedicated reading space. A tent. As inspired by pictures from multiple blogs, magazines and online shops. The first, temporary, solution was made out of playpen and a duvet cover.

IMG_4663 IMG_4669 IMG_4664

I liked this solution alot (and may utilise the idea later). However, the (unplanned) visit in Cotton On Kids provided a tent for now.

IMG_4720 IMG_4721

I like this one too 🙂

Then.. the snowball effect was just waiting to be happened. The reading corner used to have a pallet underneath the mattress. However, in order to avoid ripping the tent I removed this and it found a place behind the kids table.

IMG_4726 IMG_4723

This provides a perfect little self to store the art supplies while table is used for eating.

IMG_4620 IMG_4619 IMG_4616 IMG_4613

Thus #piece 20 provides a start for a good year.


piece #19. 2015

Happy New Year! The posts have been lacking simply because I decided to put blog on break and enjoy the season with family and friends, been spoiled by some dear friends visiting. Here some memories from the season

  • Gingerbreadhouse Village, made from scratch
  • Gorgeous cups for tea-drinkers, handmade by local talent
  • Joulumuumi (Christmas Moomin), of course
  • Candlelight, reached after 9pm
  • Season greetings
  • Gorgeous views of the summer season

IMG_4203IMG_4198IMG_4213 candle my4chairsIMG_4477   IMG_4263     IMG_4329

Piece #18. From these memories to the inspirational 2015. Happy New Year Everyone!


piece #18. 24 chocolates to go.

Here it is, my attempted Christmas post: the advent calendar.


I do envy those who have the time and energy to do amazing diy Christmas calendars with contents ranging from little treats to 24 activities for each day in the Christmas countdown. Not me, not this year. We have chocolate calendars from a shop: children’s Transformers and a special gift for ME from home  – the Moomins!

I was not going to hide these but display them with a pride. So with my time and energy levels I made some Christmas countdown bunting to go along.


The rustic finish is thanks to my paint marker pen where I the old ways proven to be better than bag of new tricks – I ended up to open the pen and get the paint on a brush rather than using the pen. Youtube has instructions how to use the paint marker, but not what to do when this doesn’t work? A friend suggested to open any blockages with a small needle. Any other tips would be welcome too 🙂 I think there is still little paint left for more attempts…


And for all those who think chocolate calendar isn’t the ideal option. I look at this in a way that it would teach the kids (and adults) patience and moderation with treats in a fun way. My son learned this very well – after finding him to finishing about 7 chocolates in theday 8 – he has to now face some empty doors upcoming.  I wonder if I did any better when I was 3Y – probably not 😉

 Piece #18 with 14 chocolates to go



piece #17. Meanwhile in December

I really wanted to make a Christmas post this week – after all it’s the first week of Christmas month, and I love It! However, due to technical challenges (with a paint marker pen) I opted out to share my latest add to the kids room. The inhabitants of the room been happy too. (Note fire risk is avoided as the light is not in use – other lighting is adequate)

Ja tällä kertaa itsenäisyyden juhlistamisen kunniaksi päätin sanailla myos äidinkielella. Joulukuun eka viikko on jo tosiaan takana ja niin kovasti olisin halunnut kirjoittaa joulun valmisteluista, mutta tekninen tuki päätti toisin – tällä kertaa epäonnisen maalikynän johdosta (taidon puutettako? höpö höpö… 😉 ).Tässä onkin siis lastenhuoneen viimeisin lisäys, paperilyhdyt. Palovaara on vältetty sillä lamppu ei ole tällä hetkellä käytossä (muu valaistus on riittävä). Myos huoneen asukit pitivät tästä ratkaisusta.


So meanwhile in December the Christmas preparation is still happening on the background and hopefully follows here soon. Eli kyllähän ne joulupuuhailut hiljalleen etenee – täällä bloginkin puolella toivottavasti pian.

piece #17: enjoyment of the jolly season ….


…. and some gorgeous views, day and night.

sky WorkTravelNZ

Note: the picture with the pier is from the brilliant http://www.work-travel-nz.com/ -blogs’ facebook site “Work and Traavel Neuseeland“. Permission of the use in this post was granted by the author of the site.

Laiturikuva on yllämainitun blogin facebook sivuilta. Blogin kirjoittaja antoi kuvalle käyttooikeuden tässä kirjoituksessa.

piece #16. Chair update.

As described in post #2, we have this set of table and chairs where colours of the chairs tend to change. From the starting point of mint green, my first intention was to paint them  black. However, first I ended up have some fun with leftover paints. Result was two peach colour, one white and one chair left mint. My son wasn’t too keen mummy painting his favorite (the mint green) white as well. Today he is happy again, one of the chairs is blue – his new favorite. So this is where I was at the last time….

teksti 2

Although I do like mixing the colours (and types) of chairs around the dining table, in this particular room I found it bit restless. It may rather require a very plain pallet surrounding it in the room like white walls, white ceiling, white table, white floor… oh yep – in that setting you would need a colourful chair in order to see where to sit on!?

Anyway.. Today the compromise has been reached (for a while) by painting the frame white and only the seat as different colours. This is actually quite effective, or entertaining solution in the dinner time in household with 3 and a 1 year old – who gets to sit on which colour chair each day?

IMG_3875 IMG_3876

Piece #16 is, therefore, what I once stated, full of diy re-trials.


Piece #15. Updating bedroom

Renting houses always put limits as you can’t just paint a wall or put the nail on it when the inspiration strikes. For a while I have been thinking how to upgrade the bedroom – with these limits and the budget as my strain. The main objective was the bed, or more so the bed head.

But I don’t like bed heads, at least not the standard ones. So I searched the internet and found this awesome plywood bedhead that was oversized and basically became a wall behind the bed. Oversized…mmm… problematic as the delivery from the hardware store for a cheap piece of this size of plywood multiplies the costs quickly. So I dropped this plan.

The next internet found was a window frame (without glass) type bed head where one can hang pretty things on. This would require some skirting board, wood glue, nails and… time. Time …. Mmmm…. problematic as this seems to be a scarce resource. So I dropped this plan too.

Then, thank you circulars!!!! Who would thought a garden trellis would be the perfect fix for the problem. Not me – not before the 50% off sign on a circulars anyway. The loss of money would not be astronomical so why not to try. And I’m so happy I tried or what do you think?

IMG_3982 IMG_4004

Piece #15. Easy – checked, Affordable – checked, Pretty – checked


piece #14. Brainstorming

One sunny afternoon while doing some gardening I found this mesh leaning against the garage wall. Instantly I knew I wanted to do something with this.



But what? I have to admit my mind was pretty empty with only two ideas. One, it could be awesome wall-photo-holder and two, no thanks, I don’t want another


Inspiration, where are you? Well sometimes the answer is simply that the inspiration is where your best friend is. Here what my friend, HJ, came up with

 1) Hang it from the ceiling to display your coffee mugs. I like where this is going, however, we have already place the cups



but this didn’t stop her inspiration:

2) on a kitchen wall to place your herbs (in cups) there. Paint them with left over chalkboard paint and you can label them

3) on laundry wall hanging coat hangers and other utilities.

4) note board on the wall

5) calender ….  place plywood behind and paint that with chalkboard paint. – and voila there is your calendar for each month!

The interesting question then becomes – Piece #14: what it is going to be?

  • I’m leaning toward 3 or 5 – 3 is in urgent need and while 5 sounds awesome I’m wondering would I really use the calendar?
  • What do you think, HJ?


piece #13. Friday night delights: hot cuppa, inspiration and grandma’s Hugswarna.


Like many, I love plants: flowers and greens, they just bring any room alive. However, what I don’t often love is the pots for the plants – especially those green plastic ones they come from the shops. Yup – I could go and buy nice pots, if I just would have that extra cash in pocket to splurge on: such as the Uashmama bags


or as in the Omakotivalkoinen blog http://omakotivalkoinen.casablogit.fi/lue/2014/11/iloa-pienesta that provides a great source of inspiration

Note: the copyrights for this photo belongs to Omakotivalkoinen; the permission was given to use the picture.

Aren’t these just brilliant for plants (and liquorice!)! So for my Friday night delight – the hot cuppa and magazine turned into hot cuppa, inspiration and Grandma’s Huqsvarna – thanks to Your Home and Garden which had instructions to these fabric bags (“in the bag”).

While I have to admit I rather improvised than followed the instructions in detail…

magazines IMG_3824 IMG_3821



… I am pretty happy with the end result – left me wanting to do another one!

IMG_3825 IMG_3826


 piece #13. Pots for the pots (and dreams of Uashmama bag)





piece #11. Piece of Ikea

Trip to Ikea is not as handy as it used to be but I still managed to get my own Bekväm stool 🙂

Trip to the memory-lane included a flat package with building instructions. This indeed provided afternoon entertainment with some parts being put (of course) upside down


IMG_3732 IMG_3734

Lucky I had a keen assistantIMG_3737

 and what is the stool used for at the moment

bekvam bekvam2 IMG_3802 sepia

So Piece #11 included 8 parts in a box


piece #10. styling the kids corner

Children – they eat there, they have dinner parties there, they draw there, they read books there, they laugh there, (and yes… they mess there)…

So if the space is so multifunctional why not style it for the kids? So many lovely birthday cards are boxed (thrown?) away… whereas this is where they can be admired. In this “kids gallery”, the black cardboard brings the effect while blue tag handles the attachment job – easy and tidy 🙂

The mint green chair was a second hand find, true treasure. Somewhere, I believe there are two more treasures waiting for me; until then the temporary solutions will do.

IMG_3625 IMG_3807

piece #10 Style it the kids style (until they learn to tell mum what they r-e-a-l-l-y want…).

“I love it mummy” – said the 3 y. old. That’s enough for me now 🙂



Piece #9. Frame for the picture frames – office corner follow-up

Post #7 already showed the sneak peak of my frame for the picture frames.

IMG_2972 sepia

Motivation: Many years I wanted one of those walls full of photos – the memories and stories of life of ours.
Problem: renting a house and multiple nail holes dilemma. Mmm.
Light bulb moment: build a frame around the picture frames. For this I simply used some skirting board, wood glue, screws, corner brackets and white paint. – and yep, only two holes on the wall instead of 16. Problem minimised!
Final results: well, very proud of about it 🙂

piece #6. Diy success (and the truth behind diy process to be followed just for the entertainment value…)


Piece #8. The Table – office corner follow-up

Awkward spaces – that was the story behind this Table (post #7) – awkward in terms that no standard piece of furniture would fit in it. Too long, too short, too deep, too … something….Nothing new under the sun. So the only solution was really diy, once again.

IMG_2972 sepia

The first attempt was to build table out of the old fence posts. This, however, turn out to be a rather bend table as the wood had taken its toll in outdoors use with wind, rain, sun….moving ground. Buying new wood, as a second option, would have come with a quite price tag.

So thanks to a friend’s *lightbulb* moment – I got introduced to Musgroves (http://www.musgroves.co.nz/) where I bought an old door. What really made this door perfect was the fit – it needed no cutting at all as it fitted the awkward space precisely. I painted it white  in order to bring the light in the room. The legs were a $1 find from the online auction – also believe it or not – being the perfect height for the cupboard underneath.


IMG_3761 IMG_3758 IMG_3756


piece #7 is recycling in its best – second changes for unwanted pieces.




Piece #7. office-corner

This space is filled with love, practicality… and diy (oh those trials and errors…. stories to be followed).

IMG_2972 colourIMG_2972 sepia

What the space is lacking is spot lighting for working… and yep, a childproof storage …

For lighting, I’m leaning towards a wall bracket lighting (which would already be there if wouldn’t worry of putting nails on rental house walls). The style I’m thinking is Ikea Ekby Valter. Childproof storage on the other hand… even me thinking of it makes them be a step of ahead so why to bother…. (tips welcome!)


Seiska-pala = kotitoimistotilan tunnelmia.

Piece #6: Sofa jealousy

My friend bought an awesome sofa. This has triggered a little “sofa jealousy” topping up with the existing love hate relationship with our sofa.

Why to love it…

  • Its nothing terribly wrong with it, a good wee sofa, and it seats comfortable at least 3 people
  • Tested by baby to grandma,still going strong
  • Living its second hand life, I love the environmental value of this sofa — a looooooong service time,
  • so I take that’s good quality
  • it is black which is quite standard color….
  • But what I really love it is good family sofa: easy to wipe while few spills don’t really matter,
  • pillows.. everyday they are on a floor providing amazing jumping platforms for children – or a hut building material, something to lay on while watching tv, the younger one can easily climb up on the sofa to read books when the pillows are of.
  • It is also easier to vacuum under to pillows or take them outside for freshening.





Why to hate it….

  • it’s really well lived and used
  • it’s black. Being a three seater it dominates the living room and sucks the light!
  • No room between floor and sofa
  • And those pillows… they never stay on the sofa!!!!!!! You laying on it they slowly slide off underneath you…either assisted by gravity or a 3 year old. The jumping platforms are never on place and adds to the chaos in the lounge. I think there might also be a pillow elf living in the house that pulls them right back on the floor…





Piece #6: dreams are free – sofas are not




Piece #5 industrial style meets grandma

Industrial style in its “roughness” can really add to the interiors – but I like some warmth and cozyness for balance. The grandma style, on the other hand, has definitely the warmth.

Of industrial style, I really like those raw metal shelves with colourful drawers – the “drops of color” I like (piece #1)

So what happened to the grandma’s drawers? (that of note, had no sentimental ties attached to). They were ready to go through the transformation. Painting that first drawer with blue was super-exciting… where would you ever use blue paint I was wondering?? The white paint on the frame provided the contrast.

piece5 2 piece5 3

The question remains? How to paint the rest.. I want to leave some drawers unpainted, some maybe red? yellow? black? green? and the order – that can be changed just by pulling drawers out and re-ordering – thus piece #5 itself is having some missing pieces.







Piece #4. About chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint – what a fun concept! Google image searches and blogs show imagination is your limitation: Kitchen menu boards, kids rooms, doors, hallways with calendars … fun indeed. But what about when you are renting – painting the walls can be limited option. This is why in our house chalkboard paint was used for a piece of furniture, kids toyself as they are the true artists.

A positive finding was the broader (than black) colour options. As the construction side theme dominates at the moment the toy selection, some pink was chosen to soften up the kids corner.


IMG_3418 IMG_3424 IMG_3420


So bit of a unperfection here and there I’m quite pleased with this diy piece #4 – I’m happy to be one of those with some chalkboard in the house.

piece 4

Piece #1. May I introduce – My4Chairs.

Thoughts for this home interiors/ design/ house blog have gathered like pieces of the 1000 pc. puzzle; it has become time to start the jigsaw.

Hello, I’m “Sam”., a working mum of two “under 3s” who escapes reality in the dreams of houses, interiors and design. This blog is a story of making our rental house a HOME. Renting comes with limits what you can do as there has to be respect to the owners and the house that is not yours; budget limits together with renting requires thinking outside the box. Making a house to home also means that us all, me & hubby & kids, have to enjoy it – thus everyone’s needs and wants should play a part.

For me, inspiration stems from

  • A cappuccino and a home magazine
  • Life, memories, photos and stories
  • Floors
  • Second hand, re-use and diy projects
  • Nature and the idea of sustainability
  • Northern and Southern hemispheres
  • Houses for sale (i.e. dreams)
  • Practicality and design
  • Success, fail and retrialing
  • Among others

Since I was a little girl, I have loved to rearrange rooms, glance through furniture shop catalogues, draw house after house on a millimetre paper, and making diy projects. 30+ and I still do this. I simply enjoy of it.

For me, a blog is a way to express myself, communicating ideas with the like-minded. Blogs have not overtaken the loved moment of relaxation and inspiration with a cuppa and a house magazine, they complement that.

Welcome, hope you enjoy. Let the jigsaw begin.


Puzzle piece #1.

Puzzle piece #1.


Saanko esitella – My4Chairs.

Ajatus omasta sisustus/ design/ talo -blogista on kytenyt jo pitkaan. Nyt on sitten aika aloittaa kokoamaan palapelia naista ajatuksista.

Hei, olen “Sam” – tyossakayva kahden pienen lapsen aiti joka karkaa arkea design-, sisustus- ja talounelmiin. Tama blogin palaset kertovat tarinaa meidan KODISTA. Vuokralla oleminen tuo oman haasteensa sisustamisessa ja ideoiden toteutuksessa silla on kunnioitettava sita etta tama talo ei ole meidan. Tama yhdessa usein rajoitetun budjetin kanssa pakottavat innovatiivisuutiseen. Koti on myos koti miehelleni ja lapsillemme, joten olisi kohtuullista etta hekin viihtyisivat siella.

Inspiraatiota haen muunmuassa

  • Kahvihetkesta lehden kera
  • Elamasta, muistoista, valokuvista ja tarinoista
  • Kaytetysta ja kuluneesta, uusista mahdollisuuksista ja itsetehdysta.
  • Luonnosta ja sen tulevaisuudesta
  • Molemmilta puolilta (maa)palloa
  • Myynnissa olevaista taloista (unelmista)
  • Lattioista
  • Kaytannollisyydesta seka Designista
  • Onnistumista, epaonnistumista ja uudelleen yrittamisesta

Lapsesta asti huoneen uudeelleenjarjestys, Sotka-mainosten selailu, ruutupaperille talojen raapustelu ja kotikutoiset projektit ovat olleet minulle ilo. Nyt 30+ ja viela samat ilot. Tama kun on yksinkertaisuudessaan hauskaa. Kotimaasta tieni vei kuitenkin maailmalle. Taman kirjoituksen jalkeen aionkin pysytella toisessa kielessani. Kahta kielta kirjoittaessa kun tulisi varmasti laiskuus jossain vaiheessa vastaan…

Blogi minulle on mahdollisuus ilmaista itseani, kommunikointia ajatuksista kanssamielisten kanssa. Tama ei ole kuitenkaan korvannut kahvihetkea lehden aarella, blogit ovat tulleet siihen lisaksi.

Tervetuloa, toivottavasti viihdyt. Aloitetaan palapelin ensimmaisella palalla.